County Council commits to reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The Pierce County Council, at its March 23 meeting, committed to reducing greenhous gas emissions by 2030 in adopting the Pierce County Greenhouse Reduction Plan.

The plan calls for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent across Pierce County and the larger community by 2030.

“Every year we wait it gets more expensive, it gets more difficult, and so I’m in favor of taking action,”  Council Chair Derek Young said.

Councilmember Hans Zeiger concurred.

“I don’t think it’s perfect, but I do think it’s a good basis for our county and its response to climate change,” he said.

The Pierce County Greenhouse Reduction Plan follows the county’s 2015-2020 Sustainability Plan, which focused on protecting human and environmental health, limiting waste and saving money across the county. The new plan focuses on the values of equity, accountability, fiscal responsibility, economic development and innovation, and the desire to create and maintain vibrant communities.

The proposed plan includes goals for an environment equity assessment and ensuring under-represented communities are included in the prioritization, implementation and future updates to the plan.

The council voted 6-1 in favor of the plan, with the lone no vote coming from Councilmember Amy Cruver, who said she did so for purposes of rewriting the scope of the plan to be more realistic.

• In other news, the council repealed and amended an adopted behavioral health tax ordinance that calls for the establishment of an accountable care network instead of an accountable care organization.

• The council passed a resolution establishing an ad hoc committee to facilitate comprehensive planning to end homelessness in Pierce County.

• The council passed a resolution supporting a partnership and efficiencies between Tacoma and Pierce County housing authorities.

• The council passed two resolutions confirming appointments to the Tacoma Narrows Airport Advisory Commission and the Thun Field Advisory Commission. Four new members — Maryellen Hill, Natalie Wimberley, Patricia Peterson and Carl Hicks Jr. — were appointed to the former. Two new members — Matthew Mackey and John Boyd — were appointed to the latter. One existing member, Marshall Collins, was also reappointed to the Thun Field Advisory Commission.

• The council passed a proclamation recognizing Vietnam veterans.

• At the end of the council’s regular business, Young announced that at the conclusion of the council’s earlier study session, he directed council staff to begin the process of finding someone to conduct an independent investigation into the events reported in the media involving Pierce County Sheriff Ed Troyer, related to a Jan. 27 confrontation with a black newspaper carrier near his Tacoma home.

As the process moves forward, the council plans to keep the public informed by providing regular updates.


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