Letter: Bob Walter would best serve Eatonville

Letter: Bob Walter would best serve Eatonville

Letter: Bob Walter would best serve Eatonville


Eatonville is a rare, unique and beautiful town. My love for this community runs deep. Many of my closest friends have lived most of their life in Eatonville and are proud to call it their home.

The community members of Eatonville are one of the town's greatest strengths including incredible artists, kind business owners and committed volunteers who put together fantastic art festivals, many community parades and events.

A real draw is Eatonville's small town vibe, down-to-earth business owners and welcoming spirit with an enjoyable, quaint, walkable downtown. This small-town feeling is unparalleled primarily because it does not have big box stores, huge warehouses and corporate fast food places on every corner or strip malls.

It appears to me Bob Walter's opponent wants Eatonville to *progress* into looking like the commercial cookie-cutter cities similar to Spanaway or Yelm. He appears to want to do away with what makes Eatonville special — it's welcoming friendly spirit.

A town can progress without tearing it apart and destroying the details that makes this town truly unique.

Bob Walter encourages business growth and development without selling out to gross commercialism. I believe Bob's record shows integrity, a willingness to listen and leadership skills to help Eatonville thrive without pushing it to look like every other cookie-cutter town.

Yanah G Cook,



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