State lands honor Public Lands Day with a Discover Pass free day

In recognition of National and Washington Public Lands Day, Washington State Parks, Washington Department of Natural Resources and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife will offer free entrance to state lands, Sept. 25. On this day, visitors to Washington state lands will not need a Discover Pass to park. Discover Pass free days apply to all visitor parking on DNR and WDFW lands and in day-use areas at Washington state parks.

In 1994, National Public Lands Day was established as the fourth Saturday in September. The National Environmental Education Foundation coordinates the special day every year. In 2019, the Washington state Legislature passed a bill proclaiming the fourth Saturday in September as Washington Public Lands Day.

Visitors can help celebrate public lands by:

  •  Being prepared and having a Plan B if their destination of choice is crowded or closed;
  •  Packing out what they pack in and bringing their own health and hygiene supplies;
  •  Respecting the land, people and communities where they are recreating;
  •  Volunteering and being good stewards of public lands;
  •  Creating a welcoming environment for all who share our outdoor public spaces;
  •  Respecting all burn bans in place to reduce wildfire risk;

The remaining 2021 State lands free days are:

  •  Thursday, Nov. 11 — Veterans Day
  •  Friday, Nov. 26 – Autumn Day


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