Mayor’s notes: Wrapping up a productive 2022

Mayor’s notes: Wrapping up a productive 2022

Mayor’s notes: Wrapping up a productive 2022

Hello, Eatonville citizens —

Things are moving along wonderfully as we approach the holiday season and the end of an interesting and productive 2022.  Here is an update on some of the projects we are pursuing:


SR161 beautification project

The Washington Avenue beautification project is moving along as expected. We have encountered multiple problems relating to challenges with burying utilities, due to large rocks and buried concrete structures, but have managed to develop work-arounds to get the utilities buried and keep on schedule. Thanks to the town electrical department for timely completing of the required rerouting of some of the electrical posts and wires coming into town to support this project and keep it on schedule.

The electrical pole on the east side of Washington Avenue is now gone, which improves the “look” of the town as you come up the hill and drive past Nevitt Park. Our long-term goal is to eventually bury these lines as well as all other electrical lines along Washington Avenue and Center Street East. Thanks to all the businesses who are having to deal with the challenges that go along with having a major construction project outside your entrance. Your patience is appreciated.


Revitalization of Mashell Avenue

A town hall meeting will be held at 7 p.m. on Dec. 14 at the Eatonville Community Center to discuss previous efforts to restore and revitalize our downtown area (Mashell Avenue) and to look at implementing the Main Street Program to achieve this goal.

Those with an interest in restoring business vitality, historical and cultural activities, livability, pedestrian-friendly improvements and pride in our downtown are invited. Property and business owners, nonprofit organizations, historians, entrepreneurs, bankers, town residents and anyone who does business in town is invited to attend. Thanks to Bob Walter, who has signed us up as a Main Street affiliate and will be facilitating this meeting.

If you can’t make the town hall meeting, you can still participate by submitting your ideas and questions related to downtown revitalization. Email Bob Walter at, or call 253-988-0904.


Looking for volunteers

• Web page design. The Town of Eatonville web page needs to be updated and we do not currently have available funds to do an update. If anyone has web page design experience and is willing to help us out, we would love to hear from you.

• In-town projects. We would like to do a group volunteer activity one Saturday per month that focuses on things that need to be done within the Eatonville town limits. We are searching for someone who would like to volunteer to lead and coordinate these activities.

• Excel guru. We are starting to utilize Excel more aggressively with town projects (such as budgeting) and could use the help of someone who is an Excel power user/expert.

• Arts and culture enthusiasts. One of our current community goals is to bring more artwork to the walking areas of the town. We would like to develop an arts and culture team to assist with developing goals and suggesting which artwork to bring to town, as well as facilitate the actual installation of that targeted artwork.

• Comprehensive Plan Update team. Four to five individuals are needed to participate, on a volunteer basis, as part of the town’s required update to its Comprehensive Plan. These volunteers will review and update the Visioning Statement in the Comprehensive Plan, and they will participate in drafting an inventory of current conditions, trends and identifying issues that impact multiple interests addressed within the plan. Each member should expect to be involved over the next two years.  If you are interested in participating, please send an email to

• Comprehensive Plan Climate committee. Four to five individuals are needed to comprise a committee conducting an assessment with the public regarding the identification of measures to reduce greenhouse gas, the town’s vulnerability and risk assessment. This committee will meet, draft a report and brief policymakers and the planning commission on the impact of climate as a consideration of the comprehensive plan update. Each member should expect to be involved over the next two years. If you are interested in participating, please send an email to


A special thanks to Karen Woodcock and the Eatonville Business Association for the Dec. 3 Christmas parade. Happy Holidays to all!


David Baublits is mayor of Eatonville.


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