County exec issues kudos for storm response

Pierce County Executive Bruce Dammeier gave a well-deserved shoutout to the county’s Planning and Public Works department for its response to snow and ice on county roads during the winter storm that dropped heavy snow on the region during the end of December and into January.

“Our snow team, they lost their holiday,” Dammeier told the County Council during its Jan. 11 meeting as part of an update on the county’s recent response to the inclement weather. “When many of us — when the council was off, when some of us were appreciating time with our family — they were out doing the hard work. They had to cancel their vacations — all those plans — to serve the people of Pierce County...”
His presentation concluded with a one-minute video titled “Thank You Planning and Public Works Snow Response Team,” featuring footage of snowplow drivers removing snow and ice from roads.
Being the second meeting of 2022, the council passed a resolution establishing standing committee memberships for the new year as follows:

Rules and Operations Committee
Derek Young, chair
Marty Campbell, vice chair
Dave Morell, executive pro tempore

Jani Hitchen, alternate

Community Development Committee
Ryan Mello, chair
Marty Campbell, vice chair
Dave Morell, member
Derek Young, member

Hans Zeiger, member


Economic & Infrastructure
Marty Campbell, chair
Hans Zeiger, vice Chair
Jani Hitchen, member

Ryan Mello, member
Dave Morell, member

Human Services Committee
Jani Hitchen, chair
Derek Young, vice chair
Marty Campbell, member
Amy Cruver, member

Hans Zeiger, member


Public Safety Committee
Dave Morell, chair
Ryan Mello, vice chair

Amy Cruver, member

Jani Hitchen, member

Derek Young, member

The council also passed a resolution naming members to various other local/regional boards, commissions, committees and other organizations.
An emergency resolution was passed authorizing the submittal of grant applications from the Brian Abbot Fish Barrier Removal Board 2022 Grant Program. The grant request is for $978,000 for a $1.15 million project to open up 1.25 miles of upstream habitat of Schoolhouse Creek on Anderson Island to fish migration. Plans call for $172,000 in matching local funds.
Stephen Richard Shelton was appointed as Pierce County deputy hearing examiner.
The council passed a resolution remembering Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. for his contributions to the ideals of equality and justice.


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