County Council makes changes to parks department policy

The Pierce County Council at its June 7 meeting passed an ordinance that, among other things, shortened the “Department of Parks and Recreation Services” to the “Department of Parks and Recreation.”
In addition to the name change, the measure bans the use drones, vaping devices and marijuana in county parks.

It also replaces the “Adopt-A-Trail Maintenance Program” and the “Adopt-A-Park Program” with a volunteer stewardship program, and further regulates off-leash dog parks and mountain biking.

The council passed a resolution identifying street lighting and other neighborhood traffic funding and requesting the county engineer to review and authorize the projects. Those projects include traffic calming measures, temporary traffic control measures, portable speed feedback signs and roadway illumination.

The county budget for the current biennium appropriates $150,000 in funding for the Council Traffic and Safety Improvements program, with no more than $75,000 of this appropriation to be expended in each fiscal year. This program is identified as County Road Project 5950 within the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program.

The funds for the program are subject to a budget proviso that requires improvements to be authorized by a council resolution and requires review and approval by the county engineer.

The council passed a resolution declaring June 2022 as “Ride Transit Month” in Pierce County, as well.


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