New Graham Fire & Rescue chief up to challenge

Espinosa oversees six fire stations in coverage area

New Graham Fire & Rescue chief up to challenge

New Graham Fire & Rescue chief up to challenge

After former Graham Fire & Rescue Chief Pat Dale retired, Oscar Espinosa has taken the reins and is responsible for leading and overseeing Graham's fire and rescue stations.

Espinosa, who has over 26 years of experience serving the community, said he is eager to take on the job and cares about the men and women he is leading. Espinosa also cares deeply about the community he serves and the people within the community. Espinosa has many years of experience in fire and rescue and has served in the U.S. Army.

Espinosa said Graham Fire & Rescue handles approximately 8,000 calls per year and is responsible for overseeing a total of six fire stations in a coverage area of approximately 70 square miles, roughly 10 miles north to south, stretching from 160th to 320th and roughly seven miles east to west, from Eighth Avenue South to Orville Road East.

Espinosa said the best part about being a firefighter is "helping and caring for people." He also says the worse part of being a firefighter is the "physical and emotional toll on people."

The best part about being a fire chief is “helping the people that help people," he said, adding that  means helping the firefighters help the people in the community.

Espinosa said he has a lot of fond memories of working as a first responder.
“Firefighting, rescues and medical calls are complex operations requiring a lot of decisions, communications, coordination and teamwork," he said.

Some of his memories are not so fond, as well. Espinosa said he has seen a lot of physical and emotional suffering, and those memories motivate him to help others and keep everyone safe.

Espinosa said people can expect Graham Fire & Rescue “to be there when you need us, to be good stewards, to make your safety our priority." Espinosa also wants the public to know that Graham Fire & Rescue staff are nice, caring and professional people.


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