Eatonville council amends landfill agreement with DOE

Eatonville town council members met on May 22 and discussed Resolution 2023-X, which seeks to amend the interagency agreement with the Department of Ecology.

The purpose of the resolution dates back to 1950 to 1980, when the Town of Eatonville leased property from Weyerhaeuser Company to operate a municipal landfill.

Mitigation measures to clean up the municipal waste were not taken when the landfill closed, and on Aug. 9, 2021, both Eatonville and Weyerhaeuser entered an interagency agreement with the Washington State Department of Ecology for the purpose of providing action at the site.

It was brought up during the Town Council meeting how a feasibility study was submitted to the Department of Ecology, and that the town had already received comments from the department with issues that need to be addressed.

“As time has gone by, we’re not going to be able to get to the mere construction or addressing the clean-up this year,” stated a member from the meeting. “However, there are actions that if we take now, we can help facilitate the project, so it continues to move along smoothly.”

The Resolution 2023-X amendment requests additional funding of $249,215 and to modify the scope of work, including surveys; evaluations; permitting; and infrastructure, and wetland consultations and permitting.

An individual at the meeting stated that the department’s budget year ends at the end of June, and the department wants to get this resolution amendment on their budget. The council unanimously voted to approve Resolution 2023-X, and the amendment will go into effect on July 1. 


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