Nature-based program for preschool - 8th grade


Are you ready to embark on an educational journey like no other? Located in the shadows of Mt. Rainier, the Eatonville School District has introduced a brand-new outdoor, nature-based program starting in the fall of 2024 at Columbia Crest Academy. The program is open to all students, in preschool through eighth grade.

Enroll now for a unique educational adventure:

Preschool and Tkers = Little Explorers

Kindergarten - 5th Grade = Junior Explorers

6th-8th Grade = Wilderness Explorers 

Why consider this program?

Forest Campus: 14 acre campus with walking distance to Sahara Creek, Nisqually River and Tahoma Woods

Hands-On Learning: Explore nature firsthand

Essential Life Skills: Cooking, sewing, gardening and much more

Health Benefits: Encourage active lifestyles

Creativity & Problem-Solving: Spark imagination outdoors

Environmental Awareness: Foster stewardship and learn from guest speakers

Holistic Development: Nurture growth in all areas

One significant benefit of outdoor education is that it enhances children's physical health and overall well-being. Research suggests that exposure to outdoor environments encourages physical activity, which can lead to improved motor skills, coordination, and cardiovascular health. Additionally, being outdoors exposes children to natural elements like sunlight, fresh air, and green spaces, which can boost their immune systems and contribute to better overall health.

All families who are currently enrolled at CCA for next year have a secured spot. Learn more at


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