Cruiser track and field team triumphs in 4th league meet


In their latest league meet, the Eatonville Cruiser track and field team showcased their prowess at Napavine High School. The boys continued their dominant streak, securing their 4th consecutive overall team league victory, while the girls put up a spirited performance, finishing a close second behind Rainier High School.

Eatonville athletes delivered standout performances, claiming first-place finishes across various events. In the boys' category, Ky Nation sprinted to victory in the 100m race, while Jacob Simon set a personal best time of 23.86s in the 200m event. Oscar Lopez-Diaz also shone with a personal best time of 55.26s in the 400m race. Colton Rush emerged victorious in the 1600m, showcasing his endurance. Additionally, the 4x100m relay team of Riley Hill, Jacob Simons, Keith Smith, and Ky Nation, as well as the 4x400m relay team of Cole Bamford, Oscar Lopez-Diaz, Colton Rush, and Joey Callon, exhibited remarkable teamwork. Carter Taylor soared to success in the High Jump, while Ethan Carter excelled in the Pole Vault.

On the girls' front, Kelani Monserrate impressed with a personal best time of 1:03.68 in the 400m race, while Hannah Bieker dominated the 3200m event. The 4x100m relay team of Nikia King, Kennedy Noble, Kelani Monserrate, and Jenae Roulst showcased seamless coordination, as did the 4x400m relay team of Grace Coonrod, Haley Courson, Cheyanne Price, and Linnea Lofgren. Jenea Roulst soared to victory in the Long Jump, adding to Eatonville's commendable performance.


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