Congressional candidate lost election but feels like a winner

By Karen Porterfield It has been an amazing time running for Congress. -áWhen I started this adventure, more than one person told me I was crazy...they may be right, but I would not trade this experience for anything. Through this journey I have met countless wonderful people, learned more than I could have imagined, and developed a much deeper understanding off this community we live in. -á I have to congratulate Representative Reichert on winning re-election. He is a good man and -áhe is my Congressman. -á It is my sincere hope that he will listen to and represent the people of the 8th District to repay their votes.-á I am very pleased that the President was re-elected, he has much to build on and much left to do. -áI am in debt to Maria Cantwell and Patty Murray for their support and am thrilled that they will continue to fight for us in the Senate.-áI am hopeful that Jay Inslee will preserve his lead and be our next Governor. -áWith the passage of R-74, I know that I have many many wedding gifts to buy in the upcoming months. -áThe wise people of Washington have returned Jim McDermott, Rick Larson, and Adam Smith to the Congress to keep us moving forward. -áI want to congratulate my good friends, the newest members of our Congressional Delegation; Denny Heck, Derek Kilmer, and Suzan DelBene.-á I know they will represent the people of this State and I will always value their friendship.-á They are intelligent, caring, and committed people.-á We are lucky to have all of these great people in our corner. -áThough I am disappointed that I am not joining them, I am heartened by the quality of the people we have set to Washington DC.. I ran this campaign as a grassroots effort reaching out to people throughout the district and having meaningful conversations. -áWhen I was on the campaign trail, -áI wanted to hear about -áchallenges people were facing and discuss their ideas for moving forward.-á I learned much about the people of the district, and know that they are the kind of people that make America great.-á In Eatonville I talked to a small businessman that has struggled during the current economic downturn, and is working hard to provide for his family.-á I talked to a retired person in Sammamish that is worried about the future of Medicare and Social Security.-á I talked to a person in Auburn that is concerned about the federal deficit, and how we can possibly continue to keep spending and not paying for it.-á I talked to a person in Puyallup who was concerned about trade and opening foreign markets.-á In Ellensburg, I heard about the need for a transportation system to promote getting products to markets.-á In Wenatchee, I talked to orchardists that were concerned about how they would get their crops harvested.-á These are very real concerns that we must come together and address I think that every person has an obligation to participate in our political process.-á I was thrilled by the support I received from people everywhere I went.-á I was touched by the warm reception I received, and the countless volunteers that help me get the word out. -áThe support and help of the Democratic Party was invaluable. -áFrom the Legislative Districts that worked for a wide range of candidates, the organizing skills of our County Chairs, the Combined Campaign offices, and the State Democratic organization. -áYour -áhelp and support was the fuel that keep us moving, and delivered so many wins across the state. -áTo steal a line from Jack Johnson, "We're better together".-á I want to close with a huge thank you to everyone and with a very brief story from the campaign: In Wenatchee I had a conversation with a girl in high school who was considering running for class president. -áI told her why I was running, why it was important to be involved, and that the role of elected officials is to serve.-á I saw her a couple of weeks ago, and she told me that she was inspired to run, and that she is now her class president.-á Based solely on this, I think this was a successful campaign.-á I look forward to contributing in some fashion to the growth of our community, it is what I have always done, it is what I will always do.-á
Karen Porterfield was a candidate for U.S. representative from the Eighth District, which includes the Eatonville, Graham and Mount Rainier areas.


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