Community again showed its heart for schools

By Krestin Bahr
On behalf of our students, School Board and all staff in Eatonville School District, I want to extend my gratitude to our community, which has voted to renew our expiring educational levy and our capital levy. This important levy funds nearly 20 percent of our daily budget and are essential for our educational program and student learning. We vow to spend every penny in a responsible and prudent manner.
It has been said that a sign of a great community is how they care for the youth and elderly. From our perspective, our community, despite facing recent hard economic times, proved once again how great you are. While at its very basic level a successful levy passage is about funding, the meaning and significance goes much deeper. It highlights our citizens’ generous hearts and strong passion for education and student learning. It means we believe in giving our students the best opportunity to succeed in life and pursue their dreams and goals.
Your vote of confidence also lets the Eatonville School District staff know that they are doing a good job with fewer resources and serve as good stewards of public resources. Most importantly, it means that we can keep providing our students with the quality education they deserve through your investment in our future.
I thank each of you and the many volunteers who generously gave time and resources to support this levy election. A special thank you to the Eatonville School Board, Eatonville’s Citizens for Education Committee as well as all of the parent, community and staff volunteers for their leadership and support with voter outreach and education. Our Education Program Levy was successful because of the continued support of residents. Whether you put a sign in your yard, informed others about the benefits of passing this measure or voted yes – we could not have done it without you.

Krestin Bahr is superintendent of the Eatonville School District.


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