Letter to the Editor | Bond addresses building needs

When I was considering moving to Monroe, I am guessing it was for the same reason that motivates many families: the desire for affordable housing. The first question that I asked about the community of Monroe was, "What are the schools like?GÇ¥ The answer that I got, "Monroe has difficulty passing their bonds and levies,GÇ¥ was not encouraging.
I am certain that many families considering Monroe as the place to raise their families share the same concern: that the community will support a vibrant education system equal to the task of educating young people to be successful and competitive in this rapidly changing world.
Since making the move to Monroe, I have volunteered on the phone banks to support the school district for many years. Both my daughters have attended Monroe Public Schools and benefited from the support of their community.
Eventually, I became a teacher in the district myself. I have watched firsthand as dedicated maintenance staff members work diligently to keep the buildings in good repair and at temperatures that provide some degree of comfort for students and teachers. This sounds like a simple task, but with older systems, it is often touch-and-go. This year at Park Place Middle School, I have witnessed school ceiling tiles falling down and stairways that need to be roped off regularly so students can avoid the slippery stairwells ' the result of leaky roofs.
The current bond that our community is voting on April 28 provides the funding needed to update aging facilities efficiently to accommodate demands of a growing student population in our school district.
When new families ask what the schools in Monroe are like, I am proud to say we pass our bond issues and levies. That is great for students and strengthens the community of Monroe, too.

Dorothy Schroeder




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