Stuck in traffic? US 2 group has your number


The U.S. 2 Safety Coalition has initiated a new "Stuck in Traffic?GÇ¥ campaign to encourage drivers to contact their legislators to push for traffic improvements in east Snohomish County.

Travelers on S.R. 522 and U.S. 2 may notice the signs springing up along Sky Valley roadways. The message is brief and to the point, and the signs provide drivers with Washington state's toll-free legislative hotline. The campaign was implemented as a way to keep the pressure on lawmakers in Olympia, as coalition members lobby for funds to complete the S.R. 522 widening project. Additionally, the group continues to advocate for safety improvements along U.S. 2.

The U.S. 2 Safety Coalition is a 501(C)4 nonprofit founded in 1998. Since its inception, the coalition has helped facilitate the allotment of around $200 million in safety improvements along the U.S. 2 corridor through lobbying and various partnerships and collaborations. A large portion of the coalition's expenses have been self-funded by coalition chairs Fred and Donnetta Walser.

Last year, the group decided to add S.R. 522 to its agenda, and is calling on the legislature to fund the final phases of the S.R. 522 improvement projects, including wideningthe roadway from Paradise Lake Road to the Snohomish River and creating an interchange at the Paradise Lake Road intersection.

The group has hired professional lobbyist Mike Armstrong to help its voice be heard.-á

For more information about the U.S. 2 Coalition, visit

Photo by Chris Hendrickson To encourage action on improving U.S. 2 and S.R. 522, the U.S. 2 Safety Coalition is putting up signs encouraging motorists to call their legislator.


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