When times are tough, this community shines

Dear readers,
I would like to take a moment and extend a very big thank you to everyone who has reached out to our family and helped us during our time of need.
Colleen Marie Eagle passed away at home early on the morning of November 21. I called 911 and the Monroe aid unit immediately responded as did the Snohomish County Sheriff Deputy Officer J. Barnett. The kindness and gentle manner extended by both departments will always linger in my heart. The young man who informed me that my wife had passed was so compassionate as was the county sheriff. It is so difficult to appreciate the hard work they must do till we need them in our time of peril.
Family, friends and neighbors rushed to our home and extended their helping hands in more ways than I will ever be able to thank you in the correct manner. I now understand the word "unconditional.GÇ¥ -áThe love that was extended and so warmly received will never be forgotten.
Purdy & Kerr, I can only say thank you also for the dignity and manner in which you put Colleen to rest. In a time when not much makes sense you gently push our way thru in a manner that was so greatly appreciated.
Fr. Bloom and Sr. Barbara from St. Mary of the Valley made a very difficult time less painful. As this was the church Colleen and I were married, I guess it was only fitting Sr. Barbara who coordinated our wedding help coordinate Colleen's funeral mass and reception. St. Mary's and all the parish members were so very helpful. Thank you.
Sky Valley Cultural Awareness (Craig and Mars) did such a wonderful ceremony as I could actually feel some of the pain leaving my heart. Wonderful, just plain wonderful and I know Colleen was watching with that warm smile of hers.
The various newspapers (Monroe Monitor, Everett Herald) were so very understanding, patient and helpful with Colleen's obituary.
So I will close with a giant "THANK YOUGÇ¥ to all who have reached out to our family in our time of need. This truly makes me appreciate the loving small town we chose to live and raise our family.
Jerry Eagle and Family


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