Pierce County Council names members to standing committees in latest council meeting

The Pierce County Council’s Jan. 14 meeting was a quick affair, lasting little more than 15 minutes.

After the passage of two amendments to the document – one filling blank spaces with names and the other making clerical changes to the title and clarifying intent and purpose in another section – the council passed Proposal No. R2019-165, establishing and naming people to various standing committees.

Standing committees are as follows:

Rules and Operations Committee:

Doug Richardson, Chair; Dave Morell, Vice Chair; Derek Young, Executive Pro Tempore; Jim McCune, Alternate.

Community Development Committee:

Dave Morrell, Chair; Derek Young, Vice Chair; Marty Campbell, Member; Jim McCune, Member; Doug Richardson, Member.

Economic and Infrastructure Committee:

Doug Richardson, Chair; Marty Campbell, Vice Chair; Dave Morell, Member; Pam Roach, Member; Connie Ladenburg, Member.

Human Services Committee:

Connie Ladenburg, Chair; Derek Young, Vice Chair; Marty Campbell, Member; Dave Morell, Member; Doug Richardson, Member.

Public Safety Committee:

Jim McCune, Chair; Pam Roach, Vice Chair; Connie Ladenburg, Member; Dave Morell, Member; Derek Young, Member.



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