Pierce County Council Feb 25 Meeting Recap

The bulk of the Pierce County Council’s Feb. 25 meeting was dedicated to lauding the service of volunteers. The council unanimously approved Proposal No. 2020-14, a resolution proclaiming Feb. 24 through March 1 “Volunteer Recognition Week” in Pierce County and congratulating the following volunteers for their hard work:

Volunteer Group of the Year Award – Pierce County 4 X 4 Search and Rescue
Special Service Award – Grant “Smitty” Smith
Special Achievement Award – 4-H Teen Rally Planning Committee
Volunteer of the Year Award – Armin Keen

“We really appreciate it very much, because there’s no way all the services could be provided to the citizens of Pierce County without volunteers; it just wouldn’t happen,” said Chair Douglas Richardson. “So, thank you all for representing all of them.”

Other business is as follows: The council unanimously approved Proposal NO. 2020-2s, vacating a portion of the Babler-Wright County Road right-of-way of the Willamette Meridian in the Graham area.

The council also unanimously passed two collective bargaining agreements.

Proposal No. 2020-14 ratifies a CBA between the county and county employees represented by the Communications Workers of America, Local 37083. The agreement includes a 2.7 percent general wage increase effective Jan. 13 and a 3.7 percent market rate increase, also effective Jan. 13.

Proposal No. 2020-15 ratifies a CBA between the county and county employees represented by the Pierce County Prosecuting Attorneys’ Association. The agreement includes a 2.07 percent cost-of-living pay increase, as well as a pay step increase of 3 percent for the classifications of County Attorney 1 and County Attorney 2. All increases are effective as of Jan. 13.


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