Updated: Unofficial primary election results: Baublits leading in Eatonville mayoral race

Councilmember Walter has slight lead over incumbent Schaub

Updated: Unofficial primary election results: Baublits leading in Eatonville mayoral race

Updated: Unofficial primary election results: Baublits leading in Eatonville mayoral race

With Eatonville businessman David Baublits almost assured a spot on the November general election ballot in the Eatonville mayoral race, the big question now is who will be his opponent.

While the tie between Mayor Mike Schaub and Councilmember Bob Walter broken, the race is still too early to call after Wednesday's votes have been updated.

According to Pierce County 2021 unofficial primary election results, as of 4 p.m. Wednesday, mayoral challenger David Baublits is still leading both his opponents with 412 votes, while Walter has a slight lead over Schaub, with 186 votes to Schaub's 161.

In other races, Kyle Litzenberger maintains his lead in the Eatonville council position 1 race, with 394 votes, or almost 55 percent. Nathon Style Smith is currently in second, with 193 votes, to Colton Powell's 136. For Eatonville council position 2, Peter Paul is leading with 302 votes, while Joe Hagen is trailing with 211 votes, ahead of Kayla Makepeace's 186.

In the Eatonville School District Director 2 race, which includes both Pierce and Lewis counties, Sarah Cole is leading the two other candidates with 1,146 votes. Ashley Sova is likely to join Cole on November's ballot as she maintains a strong second, with 864 votes to candidate Jack Philbrick's 292.

For the Bethel School District director 4 position, Terrance Mayers Sr. is leading with 6,687 votes to Rick Payne's 1,586 votes and Lee Kirkegaard's 773.

According to the Pierce County election results, results.vote.wa.gov/results/20210803/pierce/, as of Wednesday, 100,379 ballots have been counted across the county, with an estimated 24,250 ballots left to count. The next ballot count is slated for 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Editor's note: This story will be updated as more election results are tabulated.



Primary election results as of 8 p.m. Aug. 3:



Bob Walter: 186 votes, 24.51 percent

Mike Schaub: 161 votes, 21.21 percent

David Baublits: 412 votes, 54.28 percent


Council position 1

Colton Powell: 136 votes, 18.78 percent

Nathon Style Smith: 193 votes, 26.66 percent

Kyle Litzenberger: 394 votes, 54.42 percent


Council position 2

Joe Hagen: 211 votes, 29.97 percent

Kayla Makepeace: 186 votes, 26.42 percent

Peter Paul: 302 votes, 43.47 percent



Director District 4

Rick Payne: 1,586 votes, 22.19 percent

Lee Kirkegaard: 773 votes, 10.81 percent

Terrance Mayers Sr.: 4,687 votes, 65.57 percent



Director District 2 (Pearce and Lewis County results)

Sarah Cole: 1,146 votes, 49.63 percent

Jack Philbrick: 292 votes, 12.65 percent

Ashley Sova: 864 votes, 37.42 percent



Commissioner Position 2

Dick Marzano: 59,598 votes, 63.35 percent

Jeannette Twitty: 15,743 votes, 16.73 percent

Elizabeth Pew: 18,352 votes, 19.51 percent


Commissioner Position 4

Mario Rivera: 3,519 votes, 3.77 percent

c bey el: 225 votes, 0.24 percent

Brian Duthie: 21,636 votes, 23.18 percent

Don Meyer: 36,567 votes, 39.18 percent

Scott Lewis: 3,197 votes, 3.43 percent

Mary M. Bacon: 22,306 votes, 23.9 percent

Nirav Sheth: 3,009 votes, 3.22 percent

Christopher Pierce: 1,480 votes, 1.59 percent

Christian (C.J) Dylina: 1,018 votes, 1.09 percent


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