Baublits set to become Eatonville's new mayor

Baublits set to become Eatonville's new mayor

Baublits set to become Eatonville's new mayor

After taking an early lead in the general election Nov. 2, Eatonville businessman David Baublits is set to become Eatonville's new mayor.

According to unofficial Pierce County election results, Baublits built his lead over his opponent Bob Walters, a current town councilmember, all but securing the win. Final vote tallies were not available by press time, but as of 2 p.m. Friday, Baublits had secured 581 votes to Walter's 365. Baublits will replace outgoing Mayor Mike Schaub, who was defeated in the primary election this summer.

Prior to the Aug. 3 primary election Baublits told the Dispatch his desire to become Eatonville's next mayor stems from frustration with current town leaders and officials, as well as concern for the town's future.

“I’m not the kind of a guy who sits back and waits,” the businessman said at the time. “I’m the kind of guy who jumps in and takes action.”

In July, Baublits said if he was elected, one of his top goals would be to update the town's comprehensive plan and replace the town administrator, Abbi Gribi. In September, Gribi announced she had been hired as the city administrator for Newport, Washington. In addition, Baublits said he intended to replace Eatonville's contract planner and contract public works director with a full-time planner and public works director.

Baublits also stated in July he wants to collaborate with residents and businesses to establish a town theme and develop a business environment attractive to people driving through to entice them to get out and spend money.

“We need to get tourist dollars attached to citizen dollars,” he said at the time. “We shouldn’t be making the town viable on the backs of our citizens.”

In the other Town Council races, Kyle Litzenberger will assume the Council Position 1 seat currently filled by Jennie Hannah, who opted to not run again. In the Council Position 2 seat, currently filled by Walter, Peter Paul was leading Joe Hagen, 476-448 votes, as of Friday.

In the contested Eatonville School District director 2 race, after trailing her challenger, Sarah Cole, after Nov. 2 early results, Ashley Sova is on track to assume the School Board seat.

As of Friday, Pierce County Elections anticipated 400 more ballots left to tally. To see daily updated election results, go to


2021 General Election results as of 2 p.m. Friday



David Baublits: 581 Votes, 60.9 Percent

Bob Walter: 365 Votes, 38.26 Percent


Council Position 1

Kyle Litzenberger: 559 Votes, 61.23 Percent

Nathon Style Smith: 349 Votes, 38.23 Percent


Council Position 2

Peter Paul: 476 Votes, 51.24 Percent

Joe Hagen: 448 Votes, 48.22 Percent


Eatonville School District No. 404

Director District 2

Ashley Sova: 2,026 Votes, 52.54 Percent

Sarah Cole: 1,816 Votes, 47.1 Percent



Director District 4

Terrance Mayers Sr.: 10,640 votes, 71.74 percent

Rick Payne: 3,992 votes, 26.91 percent


Fire Protection District 21 — Graham

Commissioner Position 3

Russell T. Barstow: 7,596 Votes, 82.97 Percent

Cassandra Merritt: 1,519 Votes, 16.59 Percent


Pierce County

Charter Amendment: Election Procedures - Prosecuting Attorney a Nonpartisan Office

Approved 114,563 Votes, 68.14 Percent

Rejected 53,569 Votes, 31.86 Percent


Port of Tacoma

Commissioner Position 1

John McCarthy: 127,088 Votes, 79.82 Percent

Laura Gilbert: 31,429 Votes, 19.74 Percent


Commissioner Position 2

Dick Marzano: 97,055 Votes, 60.59 Percent

Elizabeth Pew: 62,512 Votes, 39.03 Percent


Commissioner Position 4

Don Meyer: 88,498 Votes, 55.32 Percent

Mary M. Bacon: 70,912 Votes, 44.32 Percent


Washington State

Advisory Vote No. 36: Behavioral health crisis response and suicide prevention tax

Repealed: 924,538 Votes, 54.11 Percent

Maintained: 784,072 Votes, 45.89 Percent


Advisory Vote No. 37: 7 percent tax on capital gains in excess of $250,000

Repealed: 1,049,022 Votes, 61.22 Percent

Maintained: 664,508 Votes, 38.78 Percent


Advisory Vote No. 38: Tax on captive insurers

Repealed: 961,644 Votes, 57.33 Percent

Maintained: 715,651 Votes, 42.67 Percent


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