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Girls Basketball

Eatonville 41, Morton/White Pass 35: Alexia Price 16 points, Sophia Henley six points

White River 72, Eatonville 27: Hailey Rath eight points, Taylor Limbird five points

Eatonville 61, Washington 19: Hailey Rath 36 points, Berkeley Porter 10 points

Eatonville 45, Steilacoom 43: Hailey Rath 20 points, Brooke Blocker 12 points

Eatonville 52, Orting 35: Hailey Rath 31 points, Sophia Henley 16 points


Boys Basketball

Eatonville 90, Morton/White Pass 84: Shay Brannon 25 points, Cameron Hatler 20 points, Jakob Lucht 18 points

White River 79, Eatonville 57: Kyle Cox 19 points, Reilly McIlraith 13 points, Shay Brannon 12 points

Washington 60, Eatonville 50: Reilly McIlraith 13 points, Shay Brannon 10 points

Eatonville 55, Steilacoom 53: Kyle Cox 12 points, Reilly McIlraith 12 points, Jake Wood 11 points, Jakob Lucht 10 points.

Eatonville 48, Orting 37: Kyle Cox 13 points, Cameron Hatler 12 points, Jakob Lucht 11 points


Girls wrestling

The girls team took second place overall at the SPSL 2A League Championships

Calli Hecker second place

Brooke Ostendorf third place

Evelyn Osborn third place


Boys wrestling

The boys team took fourth place overall at the SPSL 2A League Championships

Ty Whitney first place

Hunter Sonnenberg first place

Jeff Turley second place

Austin Frink second place

Tyler Stratton second place

Andrew Wohl second place

Kasey Whitney third place

Daniel Krambule fourth place

Frank Krambule fourth place


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