Sarah Cole is excellent choice for School Board

Sarah Cole is excellent choice for School Board

Sarah Cole is excellent choice for School Board


I am writing this letter in support of Sarah Cole for Eatonville School Board. You may wonder why it’s important to care about a local school board election when there are so many other things to worry about. John Green, a successful author, said public education “exists for the benefit of the social order” and “every second of your life you benefit from public education.”

Public education is more than making sure your own children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and friends are ready for post-high school education or a good job; it is about making sure all of our students become productive citizens in our society. Now more than ever, we need members of our society to have skills that a well-rounded education provides, such as critical thinking and problem solving, citizens who can see diversity as an asset, not a liability, and learn that caring and helping others lifts all of us up.

As a public school employee for 25-plus years, I have observed that a strong school board is an important piece of a healthy functioning school district. I know that Sarah Cole understands this as I have worked with her on projects such as the Eatonville High School band trip and Dollars For Scholars and have observed her dedication to supporting community resources such as the Eatonville Family Agency. Sarah is an excellent choice to represent our community on the School Board because of her experience as an engaged member of the Eatonville community. She is also intelligent, caring and willing to listen to all members of the community. I know she believes in the importance of public education in order to prepare our kids for an ever-changing world outside of our community. I am voting for Sarah Cole because she is the best candidate to join our current School Board, who keep the safety and diverse educational experiences of our students in mind as they make the critical decisions to guide our school district through a very difficult period. I invite you to join me; the future of our community depends on it.

Kelli Bacher



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