Letter: Cole is the right fit for School Board

Letter: Cole is the right fit for School Board

Letter: Cole is the right fit for School Board


Sarah Cole will be an excellent School Board member. She has demonstrated a deep commitment to this community with countless volunteer hours leading and supporting multiple organizations. Her time  spent on various committees and groups that directly relate to school and student activities spanning the last 25 years has given her a solid foundation for understanding the needs of the district. Sarah will be a member that will be willing to take viewpoints from multiple perspectives and use them when a policy that the board is taking up needs to be decided on.

Diversity, equity and inclusion and social emotional learning are in the mainstream a lot these days. Companies, organizations and schools are applying these concepts in a wide variety of extremes. After sitting down with Sarah and discussing her views on these principles for several hours, I believe that she will advocate for these ideas in a way that all members of the district can agree with. Many places in the state and country today are rewriting policies just to get the press or to help garner more business. Sarah's views on these concepts were very measured and thought out without the extreme applications that we see advocated for on various platforms.

Sarah Cole will provide our district with the guidance and support that it deserves. She understands what makes Eatonville a place that we all love and want our kids to be educated in.

Jon Miller



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