Washington state primary: Emergency medical services propositions pass

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According to early election results Tuesday night, voters approved both the Eatonville and South Pierce Fire & Rescue propositions, which asked residents to extend existing levies to fund emergency medical services.

Both levies are for six years and replace ones that were passed in 2016. With the passage of each levy, residents will continue to pay 50 cents or less per $1,000 assessed value for six years. So, for example, residents with property valued at $100,000 will pay an additional $50 a year for six years. For Eatonville residents, the actual levy rates will be adjusted based upon the assessed value of property within the town limits. The funding for each levy goes toward personnel costs, training and related equipment and supplies, 

In primary candidate races, based on early, unofficial results, both incumbent Democratic Sen. Patty Murray and challenger Tiffany Smiley, a Republican, will advance to November's general election. In the U.S. representative race for Congressional District 8, incumbent Democratic Rep. Kim Schrier will advance, with Matt Larkin, a Republican, leading among her challengers, as of Tuesday evening. Current Washington Secretary of State Steve Hobbs will likely take on nonpartisan challenger Julie Anderson, who is currently Pierce County auditor, based on unofficial opening night results, with Bob Hagglund, a Republican, currently in third.

Among county races, auditor candidates Linda Farmer and Deryl McCarty are set to advance to November's general election. 

Election results as of 8:45 p.m. Tuesday

Town of Eatonville Proposition No. 1

The Eatonville Town Council passed Resolution 2022-U concerning the replacement of an expiring levy for emergency medical services. It would authorize the Town of Eatonville to continue to impose an additional regular property tax levy of fifty cents or less per thousand dollars of assessed valuation for each of six consecutive years solely for the provision of emergency medical services. Should this proposition be approved?

Yes: 290, 78.8 percent

No: 78, 21.2 percent

Total votes: 368


South Pierce Fire & Rescue Proposition No. 1

Will South Pierce Fire & Rescue be re-authorized to impose regular property tax levies of fifty cents ($0.50) or less per thousand dollars ($1,000.00) of assessed valuation for each of six consecutive years to continue providing basic and advanced (paramedic) emergency medical services?

Yes: 1,981, 66.9 percent

No: 980, 33.1 percent

Total: 2,961


U.S. Senator (statewide results): Vote, Vote percentage

Henry Clay Dennison, Socialist Workers Party: 6,406, 0.62 percent

Mohammad Hassan Said, Democratic Party: 7,581, 0.73 percent

John Guenther, Republican Party: 31,191, 3.02 percent

Tiffany Smiley, Republican Party: 330,176, 31.96 percent

Dan Phan Doan, No party preference: 1,851, 0.18 percent

Dr Pano Churchill, Democratic Party: 6,483, 0.63 percent

Dave Saulibio, JFK Republican Party: 10,155, 0.98 percent

Sam Cusmir, Democratic Party: 1,564, 0.15 percent

Bill Hirt, Republican Party: 9,164, 0.89

Jon Butler, Independent Party, 2,969, 0.29 percent

Bryan Solstin, Democratic Party, 5,188, 0.5 percent

Martin D. Hash, No party preference: 2,659, 0.26 percent

Patty Murray, Democratic Party: 557,978, 54 percent

Thor Amundson, Independent Party: 2,666, 0.26 percent

Charlie (Chuck) Jackson, Independent Party: 4,450, 0.43 percent

Naz Paul, Independent Party: 8,498, 0.82 percent

Ravin Pierre, Democratic Party: 9,997, 0.97 percent

Leon Lawson, Trump Republican Party: 33,389, 3.23 percent

Write-in: 880, 0.09 percent

Total: 1,033,245


Congressional District 8

U.S. Representative (Statewide results): Votes, Percentage

Emet Ward, Democratic Party: 944, 0.89 percent

Kim Schrier, Democratic Party: 52,827, 49.94 percent

Reagan Dunn, Republican Party: 16,156, 15.04 percent

Matt Larkin, Republican Party: 18,043, 15.89 percent

Dave Chapman, Republican Party: 1,047, 0.92 percent

Ryan Dean Burkett, No party preference: 394, 0.35 percent

Justin Greywolf, Libertarian Party: 767, 0.68 percent 

Keith Arnold, Democratic Party: 955, 0.84 percent

Patrick Dillon, Concordia Party: 156, 0.14 percent

Jesse Jensen, Republican Party: 14,283, 12.58 percent

Scott Stephenson, Republican Party: 3,597, 3.17 percent

Write-in: 67, .06 percent


Secretary of State: Votes, Vote percentage

Bob Hagglund, Republican Party: 124,717, 12.36 percent

Kurtis Engle, Union Party: 3,665, 0.36 percent

Marquez Tiggs, Democratic Party: 77,759, 7.71 percent

Tamborine Borrelli, America First (R) Party: 39,207, 3.89 percent

Steve Hobbs, Democratic Party: 415,619, 41.2 percent

Keith L. Wagoner, Republican Party: 122,653, 12.16 percent

Mark Miloscia, Republican Party: 94,718, 9.39 percent

Julie Anderson, Nonpartisan Party: 129,616, 12.85 percent

Write-in: 866, 0.09 percent

Total votes: 1,008,820


Auditor: Votes, Vote percentage

Deryl McCarty: 34,261, 31.64 percent

Damon Townsend: 25,977, 23.99 percent

Linda Farmer: 47,496, 43.86 percent

Write-in: 566, 0.52 percent



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