Results not finalized, but race outcomes determined following general election

Results not finalized, but race outcomes determined following general election

Results not finalized, but race outcomes determined following general election

While the final votes have yet to be counted in the Nov. 8 general election, winners have been decided in each of the state’s contested races.

Despite challenger Matt Larkin winning in Pierce County with 59 percent of the vote (as of Saturday), Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. Kim Schrier held onto her seat in Congressional District 8, giving Democrats a crucial boost at the national level.

As of Saturday, Schrier led Larkin by almost 20,000 votes.

Secretary of State Steve Hobbs held off a challenge by former Pierce County auditor Julie Anderson, who was seeking to become Washington’s first non-partisan secretary of state. As of Saturday’s reporting, Hobbs earned 49.81 percent of the vote to Anderson’s 46.15 percent.

In an email sent to supporters Thursday, Anderson conceded Hobbs’ win and stated she trusted the election process.

“I knew this would be a tough race but believed strongly it needed to be run,” Anderson said in a statement. “Voters deserved to have the choice of an experienced elections administrator — without party strings attached. While many voters made that choice, it wasn’t quite enough.”

At the state level, Rep. JT Wilcox, incumbent for Legislative District 2, handily defeated challenger Edward Meer in the only contested race in the district. As of Saturday, Wilcox, a Republican, had 73.14 percent of the vote to Meer’s 24.99 percent.

In Pierce County, Linda Farmer defeated Deryl McCarty to become the new county auditor.



U.S. Senator

Patty Murray (D): 1,517,012, 56.99%

Tiffany Smiley (R): 1,139,160, 42.79%


Congressional District 8

U.S. Representative

Kim Schrier (D): 159,131, 53.06%

Matt Larkin (R): 139,766, 46.6%


Washington state Legislature

Washington Legislative District 2

State Representative Pos. 2

JT Wilcox (R): 35,849, 73.14%

Edward Meer (No Party): 12,246, 24.99%


State Executive

Steve Hobbs (D): 1,281,748, 49.81%

Julie Anderson (Non-Partisan): 1,187,576, 46.15%


Pierce County Auditor

Linda Farmer: 163,399, 59.03%

Deryl McCarty: 111,821, 40.4%


State Measures

Engrossed Substitute Senate Bill 5974

Repealed: 1,496,004, 59.2%

Maintained: 1,030,872, 40.8%


Engrossed Substitute House Bill 2076

Repealed: 1,315,692, 52.43%

Maintained: 1,193,950, 47.57%


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