Letter to the editor: Residents should vote for EMS levy passage

We all need to support the emergency medical services levy that South Pierce Fire and Rescue is asking for. It's not a new tax. It's just a reauthorization of the current levy. If you haven't already needed EMS assistance, you might in the future. Without supporting this levy, the district may have to brown out a station and the wait time for assistance could become a matter of life or death. We are not getting any younger, and the older we get, the greater the chance of needing this service. My family and I don't want to be the ones who have to wait for support. When an EMS ambulance is called upon, you can figure at least two hours time for each call. The ambulance travels to the home or business; then, if a hospital transport is needed, depending on your location, figure at least an hour to assess the person and transport. Hopefully, when the ambulance gets to the hospital, there are no other ambulances waiting. If there are, South Pierce has to queue behind the other ambulances in line. You don't want to put your life, or the life of your family, on the line by having to wait for an available ambulance. South Pierce needs you to vote yes on Prop 1.

Alice Dowie



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