Pierce County Council speaks out for Ukraine

The Pierce County Council took a stand against the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine in the form of passing a proclamation condemning the most devastating conflict on the European continent since World War II.

The resolution declares solidarity with the Ukrainian people and everyone affected by the invasion and urges an end to the conflict.

“This has been a tragic week, watching this despicable act of aggression — unwarranted terror — and we are hoping that it will not get worse,” council Chair Derek Young said at the March 1 regular County Council meeting. “But we have a large number of people from that part of that world that call Pierce County home, and we know that many of them have family and friends that remain there. We wanted them to know we are in solidarity with them and that we hope that this tragedy comes to an end soon.”

In business closer to home, the council passed an ordinance amending 12 chapters of Title 3 of the Pierce County Code, “Personnel.” The vast majority of the amendments were technical, clarifying and administrative in nature.

The council approved a resolution authorizing the temporary absence of a Pierce County District Court judge to serve as a visiting judge in Thurston County due to a complaint filed against the Board of County Commissioners there.

The council passed two other proclamations as well, including a resolution naming the Daffodil Festival royalty as “Official Ambassadors of Pierce County, Washington,” and proclaiming March 2022 as “Women’s History Month” in Pierce County.


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