Mayor’s report: Town projects underway

Time for another update on some of the projects the town is working on:

Carter Street: This project was to reconstruct the subgrade, infiltrate the stormwater and improve disabled access at the intersections on Carter Street. With the paving and ramps completed in April, there is minor work to finish up the project. The remaining work includes landscaping, shoulder work, minor storm drain work, adjusting utility covers and striping. This project should be completed around June 1.

Washington Ave Streetscape: This project continues moving forward. We are still on schedule to finish sometime in June. Activities coming up on the west side of the road are curb and gutter, sidewalk and street lighting: bases, conduit and wire. In May, you will see patch paving, landscaping, benches and signs. A special thanks to the Eatonville Police Department, the Eatonville School District and the property owners along state Route 161 for your assistance, cooperation and patience!

New refrigerator/freezer: The unit has arrived at the Eatonville Community Center and is being assembled. The next step will be the wiring and startup. We are expecting it to be fully operational within the next 30 days.

Sidewalk repairs: The town assisted the Eatonville Library with the removal of a tree that was destroying the sidewalk and was becoming a bit dangerous. The sidewalk that the tree had destroyed has been redone and is now much safer.

Town calendar: We have programmed a new town calendar on the Town of Eatonville home page and will start populating it with town and community events as we receive them. If you have any events or activities you would like entered onto the calendar, please visit

More parking: We are going to be grading and graveling the parking area on the east side of Madison Avenue in order to create more parking in town. A special thanks to Mike Roland, who will be donating his time to do grading work, and David Randles, who will be donating gravel to the cause. It will be great to have additional parking on that end of town.

David Baublits is the mayor of Eatonville. Reach him at


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