Mayor’s report: Residents needed to help shape goals, plans

One of the goals of the community-based Eatonville Vision Team is to assist the town with growth opportunities.

The team’s vision is to innovatively focus the creative energy of community organizations to champion economic opportunities and align resources for the betterment of the greater Eatonville area. This team exists to help ensure that Eatonville growth happens in a controlled manner and promotes the quality of life that we all enjoy and wish to protect. One of the issues the team is currently addressing is the potential implementation of a town theme.

The team is soliciting input on issues like this from the residents of Eatonville as well as the greater Eatonville area. Your input on these kinds of issues will help clarify how the community will grow as we develop our 10-year strategic and comprehensive plans.

Eatonville has been struggling with the lack of businesses (and subsequent tax revenues) since the early ’50s, when the Eatonville Lumber Company shut down. The answers you provide, if you should decide to fill out the online survey, will help this team assist other organizations in town pursue activities that will protect our quality of life while building a strong and varied business sector as well as promoting increased tourism. 

The link for the online survey is

Another opportunity for quality-of-life improvements here in Eatonville is through updates to the comprehensive plan, which guides our policy decisions and goals regarding the town’s vision for the future. This plan must address critical areas, land use, housing, transportation, utilities, parks and recreation, economic development, capital facilities and public infrastructure. The town needs resident volunteers willing to provide input to the rewrite of this comprehensive plan.     

The town also needs volunteers to assist with the development of our affordable housing goals. This team would assist us with developing a plan and exploring various options and policies to ensure that Eatonville has affordable housing for all.

If you would like to be a member of either of these teams, please email the town planner at

Thank you for taking the time to help us as we work to make Eatonville an even better place to live!


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