State champion: Brooke Blocker takes javelin title

Eatonville's Brooke Blocker poses with her state championship-winning distance in the 1A javelin.

Eatonville's Brooke Blocker poses with her state championship-winning distance in the 1A javelin.
Erik Swartout

Eatonville’s Brooke Blocker has left an indelible mark on her high school career, showcasing talent across multiple sports. With her skills, she earned recognition on basketball and fastpitch All-League teams for basketball and fastpitch and secured a spot on the All-State team in fastpitch. In the realm of track and field, she asserted her dominance by capturing Evergreen League and District 4 Javelin champion titles. Adding to her list of achievements, Blocker now proudly holds the title of the 2023 WIAA 1A Javelin State Champion.

Blocker pitted her skills against 15 other talented athletes in the javelin event. The climax of the competition arrived at her final throw, which turned out to be the best of her career. She solidified her claim to the state title after launching the javelin 121 feet, 11 inches.

"This moment is so surreal and something I've dreamed about since middle school," she said. "Winning the javelin state championship after such a long break from the sport is an indescribable feeling of excitement and triumph. The rush of adrenaline that surged through my body as I heard my name being called out as the winner is unmatched."

Erik Swartout, Blocker's throwing coach, expressed both awe and expectation at her performance.

"This was one of the most clutch things I've ever seen from an athlete,” he said. “To [personal record] three times at the state meet and then on your last attempt to win it is something I'll remember forever.”

Swartout reminisced about the decisive moment when he became certain of Blocker's victory.

"I've always known Brooke is a fierce competitor, and that's what I admire so much about her as an athlete,” he said. “Before the finals and sitting in second, I distinctly remember her saying 'I'm going to win this thing. There is no other option.' Once I heard that and saw the look in her eyes, I knew she was going to do it."

Acknowledging the significance of a robust support system on her journey to becoming a state champion, Blocker thanked those who helped her reach this pinnacle.

"A few people I truly looked up to during this process would be the Swartout family, Erik, Machaela and Sammie," she acknowledged, highlighting their instrumental roles in her development.

Blocker specifically admired Sammie Swartout, who selflessly coached other youngsters while recovering from her own injury. Erik and Machaela, being collegiate javelin throwers themselves, served as constant sources of inspiration. Blocker's trust in their guidance and belief in Erik's ability to push her beyond her limits made him the perfect mentor. Recognizing their profound impact, she attributed her state championship victory to their coaching prowess.

"I am extremely blessed to have been coached by these three people and would not have won a state championship without them.,” Blocker said.

While Blocker has committed to playing fastpitch at Central Washington University in the fall, she remains resolute in her ambition to continue her javelin career. Despite the challenges posed by her commitment to fastpitch, she plans to participate in college meets as an unattached athlete alongside Machaela Swartout, ensuring she can pursue her passion for throwing the javelin beyond the confines of high school.


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