Mayor’s Notes: Exciting things happening in Eatonville

David Baublits

David Baublits

I hope everyone has had a great 2022! We have had a significant increase in community activity during the year, and there are several new organizations that are pursuing exciting improvement activities for the town. The following organizations were created in 2022:


Eatonville Community Service Alliance

It was recognized earlier this year that Eatonville needed a more comprehensive and inclusive volunteer network, and the Eatonville Community Service Alliance was born! Its mission statement is: “Together, we will strengthen our community and build bridges of understanding through service opportunities.” Its goal is to develop positive working partnerships among Eatonville community members, schools, churches, clubs and businesses residing within the Eatonville School District boundaries. Members are also striving to restore and enhance Eatonville area community spaces. If you would like to become involved with this organization, please send an email to


Eatonville Business Association

The Eatonville Chamber of Commerce was dissolved in 2021 and several individuals stepped up and created the new Eatonville Business Association. EBA's mission is to unite businesses, industries and civic organizations into a common voice to promote commerce in the town of Eatonville. Throughout the year, the EBA will host annual events that bring thousands of people to our wonderful town and shine a spotlight on our local businesses. If you would like to become a member, you can submit your membership application at

Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad

This organization was reinstated to take control of the Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad assets and bring the stream train to Eatonville. MRSR’s mission is to cultivate an understanding of the history and culture of the railroad and logging operations while promoting environmentally respectful tourism and economic opportunity. Its vision is to serve as a physical and cultural link between the urban and rural communities surrounding Mount Rainier. With the world's largest comprehensive collection of logging locomotives, the organization will promote and provide historical steam age experiences telling the stories of those that lived, worked and were impacted by the railroads. By utilizing its travel corridor, MRSR will offer inclusive recreational opportunities for people of all ages, backgrounds, interests and abilities. MRSR Executive Director Bethan Maher can be contacted at


Eatonville Steering Committee

This team was created with the goal of assisting the town with growth opportunities. Its mission is to innovatively focus the creative energy of community organizations to champion economic opportunities and align resources for the betterment of the greater Eatonville area.  Its vision/goals are to cultivate organizational connectivity, use collective networks to gather ideas and prioritize opportunities. They will motivate implementation of targeted activities, assist with funding opportunities and monitor performance with milestone checks. This committee exists to help ensure that Eatonville growth happens in a controlled manner and minimally impacts the quality of life that we all enjoy and wish to protect.


Mainstreet/Mashell Avenue Revitalization Team

This team is just being organized with the goal of creating a strategic plan for Mashell Avenue that will increase foot and vehicular traffic in Eatonville’s old town district. This has been a goal of the Eatonville comprehensive plan for more than 20 years, and this team feels it is time to get serious about making changes that will produce positive economic returns for the business owners on Mashell Avenue. The team has not yet developed its mission and vision statements but will be working with the Mainstreet America program, If you would like to be involved with this team, send an email to

Exciting times! Thanks to all the individuals involved in the organizations for their volunteer efforts and desire to improve the town we all love so much!

David Baublits is the mayor of Eatonville.


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