MayDay king and queen announced

Photo by Alyssa Wood

The 95th coronation of the 2023 MayDay Queen Brooke Blocker and King Nicolas Thompson will take place at 1 p.m. May 5 at the Eatonville High School gym.

How it started: Some school students cleaned up the campus and went to the mayor suggesting a town clean-up day. So, in 1913, Community Day was born. After that, there were baseball games and socializing. 

In 1926, the royal court was started. The first king, Bill Smith, crowned the first queen, Fay Williams. There were booths, games, dances and the Maypole. 

Now it is celebrated on the first Friday of May. Community Day is not a school event. The school provides the gym, members of the court and some of the dances. No money is provided for this event by the school. All money, decorations, flowers, gifts and crowns are provided by the MayDay Committee, comprised of Julie Clark, Melanie Rodewald and Alyssa Wood.


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