Eatonville School District and Food4Good — a bountiful partnership

Eatonville School District has established a partnership with Food4Good.

Eatonville School District has established a partnership with Food4Good.
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In a heartwarming initiative to support families and foster community well-being, Eatonville School District has forged a partnership with Food4Good. This collaboration aims to provide families with a monthly supply of fresh, wholesome produce, creating a vital link between education and nutrition.


A school, a church, a farm, a community center and a home. These are the key stakeholders in our Food4Good project and the foundation of our community. The coordination begins at the middle school with social worker Anisa Parks acting as liaison between Food4Good and our community partners. Delivery day is an organized frenzy of deliveries, loading cars and moving boxes.

The pallets get delivered to the Eatonville Family Agency where Kylee Hutchings and Kerri Nelson unload three pallets of food for our community. The call goes out-calling in partners from Ashford, Elbe and the Weyerhaeuser area to collect their boxes. Unlike urban areas that rely on central locations and public transportation, our rural families need our support to gain access, especially in food insecure areas. Claudia Frey and Henry Brock at Frey Family Farms, Ben and Tammy Vinson at Christ’s Church in Elbe, and multiple parent volunteers from the Weyerhaeuser area come in from all corners of our community, collect their boxes and bring them to distribution sites where families can more easily access them. We meet our families where they’re at.


What makes this partnership truly remarkable is the absence of any application process or income verification. The organizers believe that access to nourishing food is a fundamental right, and this program seeks to eliminate barriers that might prevent families from benefiting. The goal is simple: to ensure that every household in our community has access to a diverse assortment of nutritious fruits and vegetables.


This initiative recognizes the importance of nutrition in supporting the overall well-being of families. By removing bureaucratic hurdles, Eatonville School District and Food4Good are empowering families to focus on what matters most – providing wholesome meals for their loved ones.


Families can look forward to receiving a diverse selection of fresh, locally-sourced produce each month. From crisp apples and succulent oranges to leafy greens and vibrant berries, the assortment is carefully curated to provide a well-rounded nutritional boost for all members of the family.


Free monthly food boxes are available at four sites within the community:

• Christ’s Church at Elbe, 54011 180 Ave Ct E, Elbe

• Eatonville Family Agency, 305 Center St W, Eatonville

• Frey Family Farm, 28411 WA-706, Ashford

• Weyerhaeuser Elementary, 6105 365th St E, Eatonville


As part of this feature, we spoke with Superintendent Jay Brower, who expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact of the partnership.

"We believe that education extends beyond the classroom. Ensuring that our students and their families have access to nutritious food is a crucial aspect of their overall development. Students who are hungry have a harder time concentrating on academics. This collaboration with Food4Good aligns with our commitment to holistic community support,” Brower said.


If you are interested in supporting or participating in this initiative, Eatonville School District welcomes community involvement. Whether through volunteer opportunities or donations, everyone has a role to play in ensuring the success and sustainability of this program. To express interest in volunteering.



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