Eatonville equestrian team shines at season’s culminating meet

Eatonville seniors Makayla Rinehart, Davany Olson, Kaylin Reitz, Chaeley Loudin and Nikia King.

Eatonville seniors Makayla Rinehart, Davany Olson, Kaylin Reitz, Chaeley Loudin and Nikia King.
Courtesy Michelle Woolf

The Eatonville High School equestrian team closed out their season with an emotional Senior Night and a stellar performance at their third meet, showcasing determination and teamwork in every event.

Coach Michelle Woolf reflected on the significance of Senior Night, stating, "Senior recognition is always emotional to watch, and for the girls to move on. It was filled with hugs, tears, and warm wishes." Seniors Nikia King, Chaeley Loudin, Davany Olson, Kaylin Reitz, and Makayla Rinehart bid farewell to their team, leaving behind a legacy of dedication and passion.

Despite the bittersweet atmosphere, the team delivered exceptional results, with Olson, Reitz, and Rhinehart extending their season by qualifying for the state championships in Moses Lake from May 16-19.

In the In Hand Obstacle Relay, the team displayed their agility and coordination, clinching a respectable fifth place. Kaylee Bernt, Zoey Shoopman, Emma Adams, and Morgan Eichost demonstrated impeccable teamwork, earning a year-end silver medal and securing a spot at the state competition.

The Drill event witnessed a breathtaking performance from the Eatonville squad, as they swept to victory with flawless precision and synchronization. Kaylee Bernt, Ava Weaver, Heidi Weaver, Kalli Olson, Emma Adams, and Makayla Rhinehart dazzled the audience, claiming the first-place position, state qualification, and a coveted silver medal.

Jaida Green emerged as a shining star in the Huntseat and Dressage events, capturing the audience's attention with her grace and finesse. Her gold medal in Huntseat and silver medal in Dressage underscored her talent and dedication to the sport.

However, the team's achievements extended far beyond individual accolades. In events such as Flags, Poles, and Team Versatility, Eatonville riders showcased their versatility and teamwork, securing multiple state qualifications and medals.

Despite facing challenges such as last-minute horse changes, the team remained undaunted, drawing strength from their collective resolve. Coach Woolf commended their resilience, stating, "I really hand it to the team for helping each other out."

As the evening drew to a close, Coach Woolf looked ahead with optimism, buoyed by the team's outstanding performance and unwavering determination. "All the medals this time set a fire in them," she remarked. "Our kids are hungry for next year already."

With 15 out of 19 team members qualifying for the state competition, the Eatonville equestrian team concludes their season with pride and determination, setting their sights on future successes. As they bid farewell to their graduating seniors and embark on the journey ahead, one thing remains certain — the spirit of camaraderie and excellence will continue to guide them towards new horizons.

Now, all eyes turn towards the state championship meet, slated to unfold at the Grant County Fairgrounds in Moses Lake May 16th to 19th. With anticipation running high, the team eagerly prepares to showcase their skills and forge new horizons in the arena of equestrian excellence.


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