Local candidates few and far between

The field of candidates for this year's election is either barely filled or, in some cases, not quite set. In the five-day filing period for candidates last week, contenders lined up for positions with the town of Eatonville, the Bethel and Eatonville school boards, and the Pierce County Charter Review Commission, to name a few. But no candidates put their names on the line for three water district commissions in south Pierce County, meaning there will be three extra days for filing in the hope that someone signs up. Any races that have attracted more than two candidates will start in the primary election in August, narrowing the choices to two for the general election. Offices with two candidates or one will skip the primary and be decided in the November finale. Only three local offices are being contested. For everything else, except for the heavily contested charter commission, candidates are running solo or not at all. In Eatonville, only one of the three Town Council seats up for election has competition. Robert Thomas and Nick Junka are running for Position 3, which Councilman Brenden Pierce is giving up by not seeking another term. Council members Abby Gribi and James Schrimpsher are unopposed. So is Treasurer Lori Smith. Among the six positions on the ballot for school board in the Bethel and Eatonville school districts, only one is being contested, and the candidates are old foes. Bethel incumbent Amy Pivette Hoffman's opponent is Rick Payne, whom she defeated in 2013 by garnering 72 percent of the votes. Two other Bethel incumbents, John Manning and Brenda Rogers, have no opposition. Three Eatonville School Board incumbents GÇô Paulette Gilliardi, Jeff Lucas and Roger Andrascik GÇô drew no opponents. The only other local office with a contest is Graham Fire and Rescue Commisioner. Incumbent Robert Skaggs faces Adam Rosenlund and John Seidl in the primary election. Seidl is also a candidate for the Charter Review Commission. County Councilman Jim McCune and his administrative aide, Amy Cruver, are running for separate commission seats. Voters countywide will elect the next 21-member commission, which will be comprised of three members for each of the seven County Council districts. After the 2015 general eleciton, the panel will spend about six months reviewing the charter and recommending possible changes of it. Any proposed amendments would be decided by voters in next year's election. There are no candidates yet for two positions on both the Kapowsin and Elbe water district commission, and a single seat on Clear Lake Water District's Commission also is candidateless. The county auditor, who oversees the county's elections, will announce a special three-day filing period. Any of the offices that still don't attract candidates, the current officeholders will stay on the job until the 2016 general election, when the posts will go on the ballot again.
Candidates who have filed for 2015 election:
TOWN OF EATONVILLE Council Position 3: Robert Thomas, Nick Junka Council Position 4: Abby Gribi (incumbent) Council Position 5: James Schrimpsher (incumbent) Treasurer: Lori Smith (incumbent)
SCHOOL BOARDS Bethel District 2: John Manning (incumbent) District 4: Amy Pivette Hoffman (incumbent), Rick Payne District 5: Brenda Rogers (incumbent) Eatonville Position 1: Paulette Gilliardi Position 4 at-large: Jeff Lucas (incumbent) Position 3: Roger Andrascik (incumbent)
FIRE DISTRICT COMMISSIONS South Pierce Fire and Rescue (Dist. 17) Position 2: Kathy Kadow Graham Fire and Rescue (Dist. 21)) Position 3: Robert Skaggs (incumbent), Adam Rosenlund, John Seidl Fire District 23 (Ashford) Position 1: William Tylor
WATER DISTRICT COMMISSIONS Ashford Position 1: (no filings as of mid-day 5-21, next to last day) Clear Lake Position 1: Scott Jamison (incumbent) Position 2: Dean Pitsch (incumbent) Elbe Position 2: (no filings as of mid-day 5-21, next to last day) Position 3: (no filings as of mid-day 5-21, next to last day) Kapowsin Position 1: (Vacant position. No filings as of mid-day 5-21, next to last day) Position 2: (no filings as of mid-day 5-21, next to last day) McKenna Position 3: Cal Weamer (incumbent)
PIERCE COUNTY CHARTER REVIEW COMMISSION District 1 Position 1: Charla Neuman, Jan Shabro, Lynda Hunt Positition 2: Caleb Heimlich, Patrick McElligot, Sharon Hanek Position: Joshua Penner, Shawn Bunney, Nnenna Hill District 2 Position 1: Grant Pelesky, Laura Groves Position 2: Michele Smith, Carolyn Edmonds, Sandra Paul-Lyle Position 3: Therese Pasquier, David Perry District 3 Position 1: Marianne Lincoln, Jason Bergstrom, Amy Cruver Position 2: Bruce Lachney, Richard Thurston, Jim McCune Position 3: John Seidl, Patrick Durr, Kerry Hooks, Greg Hartman District 4 Position 1: John Ladenburg, Elizabeth Burris, Catharine Jeter, Robert Hill Position 2: Timothy Farrell, Jeff Anderson, Alice McDaniel, Janika Scot, Anna Bybee Anderson, Hugh Winskill Position 3: Jack Curtis, John Orlando, Clare Bungay, Jamie Nixon, Greg Cook, Matt Larson, Max Hyland, Cathy Pearsall-Stipek, Gerald Jackson District 5 Position 1: Eric Herde, April Sanders, Steven Cook, John Coyne Position 2: Carolyn Merrival, Terry Harder, Lucas Nolta Position 3: Brandon Jones, Robin Morgan, Giovanni Vendetti, Kenneth Blair, Justin Van Dyk, Janis Clark District 6 Position 1: Paul Wagemann, Tom Bradbury, David Sawyer, Michael Grayum Position 2: Phil Watson, Don Anderson, Barbara Gelman Position 3: Eric Corp, Linda Farmer, Sam Ross District 7 Position 1: R. Randall Harrison, Steve Victor, Randy Boss Position 2: David Olson, Andy Leneweaver, Justin Camarata, Brenda Wiest Position 3: Todd iverson, Rodger Deskins, Katherine Baird, Stan Flemming
PIERCE COUNTY SUPERIOR COURT Position 11: G. Helen Whitener Position 15: Gretchen Leanderson


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