Letter: Cole invested in Eatonville schools

Letter: Cole invested in Eatonville schools

Letter: Cole invested in Eatonville schools


Supporting Sarah Cole in the upcoming Eatonville School Board election is an easy decision for me. I appreciate and admire her core values, especially as they relate to staff, students and the community. As a teacher in the Eatonville School District, I’ve been able to work with Sarah directly while her children were in my classes and part of my leadership program. Her kids were motivated to do their best and, more importantly, to be people of integrity. This is clearly an expectation that was modeled for them at home. More than just focusing on her own children’s well-being, Sarah was often concerned about the other students in the classroom. On multiple occasions she offered support for students who needed extra resources.

It’s clear that Sarah is already invested in the Eatonville schools. Over the years I’ve seen her at games, matches, concerts, plays, meetings and more. In many of these cases, she has given her time, energy and resources to make sure the students involved could be their best and have positive experiences. Sarah and the Cole family extended the same generosity and had the same expectations for athletics. I know this because I was fortunate enough to coach one of the Cole kids in soccer. There was comfort knowing that if there was a need, I could ask Sarah, and it would be met. She was on top of what was happening in the classroom and on the field. If there were questions, she asked them. If there was a concern, she voiced it. If there was a praise, she shared it.

Sarah's involvement in our schools and community comes very naturally to her and is a clear reflection of her core values. On Nov. 2, vote for the candidate that has a consistent record of supporting our school community. Vote for Sarah Cole.

Michael Sniezak,

Eatonville Middle School


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