Eatonville teen recognized by Council for archery win

 Hometown teen Bodie Turner, 15, was honored for his achievements in competitive archery at the Sept. 27 in-district meeting of the Pierce County Council at the Eatonville Community Center.

A large crowd turned out, in part, to see the young man who earlier this year won “The Las Vegas Shoot” in the men’s pro division with his compound bow, taking in more than $75,000 in prizes.

Turner was the subject of a resolution congratulating him for winning the title at the world’s largest and most prestigious indoor archery tournament, which included nearly 4,000 shooters.

Be it proclaimed by the Pierce County Council that Bodie Turner is congratulated for his extraordinary achievements and sporting excellence and that his success in competing and winning against the world’s best be an inspiration to all young people,” the proclamation reads. “May the commitment and dedication you have shown as a young man carry on throughout your life and inspire you in all future endeavors.”

Turner expressed gratitude for his community’s support.

“I’d just like to give a big thank you to everybody who came today,” he said. “I really appreciate it. It means a lot for everybody to show up. I’ve known a lot of these people for a long time, and it’s just great to see everybody come together for something like this. Thank you.”

The Pierce County Charter has a provision that all councilmembers — in this case, councilmember Amy Cruver representing District 3 — must host at least one meeting per year in the district they represent.




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