County Council renews telecom franchise for Eatonville, surrounding areas

The Pierce County Council approved renewing the grant of a telecommunications franchise to Mashell Telecom, Inc. — doing business as Rainer Connect, a Tacoma-based internet service provider — for 10 years, subject to certain terms and conditions.

The ordinance related to the franchise received a “do pass” recommendation by the Economic and Infrastructure Development Committee on Sept. 27.

“State law authorizes counties to grant franchises permission to access county rights-of-way for construction and maintenance of telephone and telegraph facilities,” explained Jeff Cox, senior policy analyst, at the Oct. 18 County Council meeting.
The areas impacted include Spanaway, Graham, Electron, Clear Lake, Eatonville and La Grande.
Per the ordinance passed by the council, “Mashell Telecom, Inc., d/b/a Rainier Connect, must indicate its full acceptance of this Franchise and all its terms and conditions as required by Section 3, within 60 days from the effective date of the Ordinance, by filing a signed copy Exhibit A to the franchise, along with the remaining requirements outlined in Section 3, with the Clerk to the Pierce County Council. Unless the Franchise is accepted as such, this grant of permission shall be null and void.”



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